Hello, everyone! I'm AWESOMESAUCEMAN! or as I'm know in D.N., Flash-Drive! ^^...

My account name is AwesomeSauceMan becauseEdit

Flash-Drive is already taken.... By who?!?!Edit

Anyway, here's a bit about my self in DN:


(this is from my most fave to least fave ^^)Edit

1. Hieratic OTK/FTK

2. Scraptown

3. Dragunity

4. Stellar

5. Glad Beast


Wins - 35

Losses - 39

Draws - 1

(It's not about your wins but about how you handle you losses ^^)

I'm in this awesome team named, "Team Crimson Calamity". It's a fun team, the members are very friendly and also skilled. I specialize in making decks noone's used before since, well it's fun! I don't like making decks that most people use now because, you know, I've seen a lotta those already and I know their tactics and it's no fun. And also, it makes my deck seem special and one of a kind, Since well, I'm the only one who uses that deck in DN nowadays. I look forward to making more decks with the new outcoming meta's! Well, this is all for now! Cya!Edit