Members: Edit

Flash-Drive (Creator)

ygella (Captain) - Skills: 9/10

Uniquness: 7/10

Adaptivity: 9/10

Sportsmanship: 7/10

Deck Used - (Light-zektors)

Yugi_Moto561 (Captain) - Skills: 8/10

Uniqueness: 9/10

Adaptivity: 6/10

Sportsmanship: 8/10

Deck Used - (Hieratic)

silenthunter47 (captain) - Skill: 8/10

Uniqueness: 7/10

Adaptivity: 9/10

Sportsmanship: 8/10

Deck Used - (Dino-Rabbit)

Getting In:Edit

Since I want this Team to be fun and unique, You'll have to take 3 tests in order to be "Unique" enough to be on the team :D! The first 2 tests are tests of skills, smarts, and handling situations and will be tested in unrated! Now the 3rd test is the usual. Beat me in a Duel, only once ^^. Your stats will be put next to your name! Ex.

Flash-Drive: Skills - 8/10

Uniqueness - 8/10

Adaptivity - 6/10

Sportsmanship - 9/10

You need to have an average of 7 to pass.

An average of 8 to be a Captain.

And an average of 9 to be a General.


The picture is only for show! ^^

The symbols are in the name:

First Flash represents the ability of the members' and their decks to act fast and effective like a flash.

It also represents the members' quickness to adapt to situations the turn they're given it. Like a Flash, we are quick, clear/pure, and calm.