Team Crystal Light Flag or Symbol

Symbol of Team Crystal Light

Team Crystal Light is a team which is made of people who are great friends. To let anyone join, it's not official, so you can be in more than one team. Pm me or spongebob if you want to join it. We're both on Yu Gi Oh Wikia Chat and it's very easy to catch me on DN.

Powerup123 (Leader/Founder) - Team Deck: Little City.

Main Deck: Blue Eyes SkD

Spongebob456 (Co-Leader) - Team Deck: Crystal Beast.

Main Deck: Gravekeeper's

! ! ! ! !Orichalcos. (Previously Puff :D) (Team Defender) - Team Deck: Photon/Galaxy Xyz.

Main Deck: Infernity Xyz.

nb97 (Member) - Main Deck: Wind-Up Xyz.

catnip05 (Member) - Team Deck: Banish Psychic.

Main Deck: Gusto

Jbeggs394 (Member) - Team Deck: Hieratic.

Main Deck: Dark World.

Kerbie (>:') (Member) - Team Deck: Cyber.

Main Deck: Jinzo OTK