Team Crimson CalamityEdit

Members (DN Names and wikia names):

Ss4bardock (DN: ma0897) (Creator)

KonotaChanFanBoy2 (DN: SoulEatingBlade) (Leader) Main Deck: Gishki and/or Laval

DarkLeone3122 (DN: ! ! ! ! Cheetos) (Co-Leader) Main Deck: Chaos Dragon and/or Bubble Beat OTK

Billybennai (DN: Billybennai) Main Deck: Banipyschics and/or Heroics


Ken24 (DN: Ken24) Main Deck: Chaos Lightsworn and/or Gladiator Beasts


manuel aquino







JuukaRockmanReborn (DN: JuukaRockmanReborn) Main Deck: Spirits, Vampires, and Evil HEROs.




Sasori43 (DN: Sasori43) Main Deck: Dark World

Signing up:Edit

  • The challenger must defeat SoulEatingBlade or ! ! ! ! Cheetos at least once in a 2/3 duel.
  • Win once, the challenger will be judged by SoulEatingBlade, ! ! ! ! Cheetos, or ma0897 to see if you enter or not.
  • Win twice, your chances of getting in will get higher.
  • Win 3 times, the challenger will automatically join in.
  • After every round, the challenger and judge must switch decks.
  • The challenger will be rated on their skill and their sportsmanship.
  • If the challenger loses the 2/3 test duels, the challenger will have the option to try again but then they must win 3/3 times and duel at a higher difficulty.

Removing Undesirable Members:Edit

  • At anytime, a member can be chosen to be remove from the team. If certain members of Team Crimson Calamity wishes to remove another member from the team, they must contact the leader or co-leader. Both leader and co-leader will decide on what to do with the removing member of the team, and then will talk with the creator of the team for decision.

Contacting us:Edit

  • If you need anything from us (Like a duel or signing up), contact SoulEatingBlade, ma097, or ! ! ! ! Cheetos on Dueling Network and we can arrange something.
  • It's also possible to contact the members here:


The monsters in the team picture each represent something. Here is what they represent:

  • Dark Paladin: He's a fusion monster so, he represents our bonds as a working team. There should be no time when a team member is without help from their teammates.
  • Judgment Dragon: He represents the Judgment portion of when you are judged by the leaders, ! ! ! ! Cheetos and/or SoulEatingBlade.
  • Shooting Quasar Dragon: He represents our sync, power, the ability to break limits. He also shows how we evolve through our battles (duels), like Stardust to Shooting Star to now, Shooting Quasar.